What We Do
Shop Fitting

Interior & Décor does not start and end up in house holds but can be applied in shops, restaurants, schools, churches, hospitals and etc. Our company offers storage solutions for domestic and commercial clients. We provide you with interior décor that best represents your brand and personality, and this is important because it communicates values of your business.

You have the privilege to build whatever you like with us. We focus on quality and ensure that you are satisfied with our products and services.

Get to choose your design or make your own that best defines your style and personality. We do everything that you want in your kitchen within the confines fo your budge. Choose your wood and finishing to help us give you the best experience of a modern kitchen designs.

Our team members sit with you and listens to your ideas and make a rough sketch that will be translated in to a 3D model to help youfurther see your idea virtually. When you choose your wood, you make a selection between chip board or superwood and melamine or veneer respectively, also the color choice will add magic to your kitchen.

Kitchen Remodeling
Office Design & Installations

If you are somewhat unsure of the design on how your spaceshould look like, we are here to advise you. We take into consideration your space, wall paint, trims and paintings. These elements will be discussed upon consultation and we will work with what you have and still offer you value

We are aware of the long hours that employees and executives spend at work hence we take note of ergonomics serious. The chairs and desks we supply supports effective and efficient work flow and thus resulting in reduced body strains.

Accell Solutions does the set ups and installations of office furniture for home offices, small, medium and big corporations as well as education and government institutions. We will help you select ideal office furniture suitable for your budget and space.